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Premium Video Coaching Program With Detox Dudes
Premium Video Coaching Program With Detox Dudes
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Premium Video Coaching Program With Detox Dudes
Premium Video Coaching Program With Detox Dudes | 2.17 GB

After a long hiatus from coaching, I am excited to announce that I will now be taking 1 on 1 clients again. Both in person in the bay area, and via Skype/phone.
The way I work with clients varies dramatically on a case by case basis. Some clients are super wealthy and can afford any supplement, any modality, any treatment. Some are on their last 1,000 and are in really bad shape. Some have absolutely no desire of going to energetic/spiritual/emotional places, and some need that more than they need any supplement or diet change. I dont have a set way that I work with every client. I use my intuition, connection, and experience to give each client what they need in the moment. Not what they necessarily want. Every situation calls for something different, and thus my recommendations and style are constantly in flux.
The fact is that everybody needs a good coach. In every field of life. Somebody who can call them out on their shit as an outside observer. Show them a new path. Lead the way through experience. And for emotional support as well.
Im a detox coach, but that is just the tip of the iceberg. I am here to coach you on how to prioritize your life for maximum wellness, vitality, and inner peace. I am here to show you that you have the power to recover from any chronic illness, and to show you a completely new lifestyle that you will hopefully get addicted to. I am here to show you that you are a spiritual being having a human experience.
If you do not live in the bay area:
I offer one hour coaching calls. Included after the call is a personalized program. You can sign up for one here.
If you live in the Bay area:
Option 1: Detox The Home - I come to your home, and we go through your health history and I learn as much as possible about you. Then we go through your entire living situation. From the food you are eating, positioning of your bed (earth energy lines), EMF situation, products you are putting on your skin, to the stuff you clean the house with, cookware etc. We clean up everything in your living situation. It is completely invaluable and irreplaceable for me to actually be in your living space during this, as opposed to seeing me in my office. After the home detox comes supplement, food, modality etc. recommendations for the individual. Also with this comes a personalized program that I will send you that includes links to all of the products we discuss throughout the process. This option is a 3-hour process.
Option 2: Finding the Root- I do in-person coaching sessions at my office on Shattuck Ave in Berkeley. These sessions are 75 minutes and are intended to dive deep together. Like I said above, for some this will mean talking about supplements and foods. For others this will be exploring deep emotional wounds and faulty patterns. These are generally follow up sessions after the initial home session, though they can also serve as an introduction session for certain people.


Premium Video Coaching Program With Detox Dudes
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