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Lynda - ZBrush Modeling Footwear
Lynda - ZBrush: Modeling Footwear
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Digitally sculpting a shoe in ZBrush can sometimes seem a bit daunting. The finished product should be precise, but follow the natural curves of an organic shape. In this course, learn how to leverage the unique tools in ZBrush to digitally sculpt realistic footwear. Ryan Kittleson takes you through the steps of accurately modeling a shoe, explaining how to create the sole, cut the tread pattern, make the upper basic shape, and create the laces. Plus, he shares how to add fine details such as stiches and leather and fabric textures. Upon wrapping up this course, you'll be equipped with the tools and techniques you need to create nearly any kind of footwear-not just the shoe sculpture shown in the course.

Topics include:
Creating the sole
Modeling the basic sole shape
Making a template for the repeating treads
Tweaking the sole geometry
Making the basic upper shape
Creating the laces
Making a shoelace brush
Adding the fine details
Sculpting specific leather detail
Sculpting the irregularities
Making fuzzy suede texture