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Unity Game Development Master Class
Unity Game Development Master Class
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Unity Game Development Master Class

– There are no course requirements, every step of the development process is shown (including every line of code explained)
Who this course is for:
– Beginner Unity Developers aiming to work in the Game Development Industry
– Beginner Unity Developers aiming to create their own Indie Games
– High school / College / University students wanting to learn Unity
– Mid-level Unity Developers who want to expand their skills & knowledge
Become a Game Developer.
What you’ll learn
– Unity User Interface
– Creating 3D Objects
– Moving, Rotating & Scaling Objects
– Unity Inspector Window & Scene Hierarchy
– Adding components to GameObjects
– Creating Materials
– Using lighting to create atmosphere (Omni light, Directional Light, …)
– Collisions & Triggers
– Physics using Rigidbody & AddForce
– Using a CharacterController to control and move a character
– Creating & adding scripts to GameObjects
– Start, Update (+ Awake, FixedUpdate, …)
– OnTriggerEnter, OnTriggerExit
– Instantiating & Destroying GameObjects from scripts
– Accessing variables from the Editor (public, private, serializable)
– Importing 3D Models
– Importing Textures and creating Materials
– Playing sounds / Music using AudioSource and AudioClips
– Creating assets for instancing and updating scene
– Detecting PlayerInput (Mouse movement and Key presses)
– Creating various states for Player and Enemies
– 3D Mathematics using Vectors
– Detecting MouseInput
– Creating UI in Unity using Canvas System
– Importing Animations
– Using Animator to set up Animation Tree and Animation Blending
– Using script to drive Animations
– Creating a GameManager class to manage all objects and score in the game
– Creating an Enemy with various states
– 3D Mathematics for Player Detection
– Adding support for a Xbox Controller
– Saving the Data of our game to Loadable format
– Reading XML data and importing it to the game
– Localisation: Adding support for multiple languages using XML
– Creating an executable: Building the game for PC
– Networking: Creating a Multiplayer game
– RPC = Remote Procedure Calls
– Profiler: Analysing and optimising the performance of the game
– Shaders: Creating a custom shader effect
– Particle Emitter: Creating VFX
– Unity2D: Building a 2D game
– Creating an Interactive Character
– Creating a Top Down Shooter
– AI Behaviour & Navigation
– Raycasting, Animation timeline & Animator
– Creating a Third Person Game
– Saving & Loading using PlayerPrefs
– Controller Input, Local Multiplayer & VFX
– UI, XML, Localization, Scene Load & Build .exe
– Advanced Animations
– Unity Editor Extensions
– Advanced Visuals
– Source Control & Creating a FPS game
– Multiplayer Networking
– Advanced Multiplayer Networking
– Unity2D & Performance Optimization

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