Bookmarks Learn Piano #2 - Play Piano Color Chords & 19 Ballads

Learn Piano #2 - Play Piano Color Chords & 19 Ballads
Learn Piano #2 - Play Piano Color Chords & 19 Ballads
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Learn Piano #2 - Play Piano Color Chords & 19 Ballads

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Learn Piano Music Theory & 19 Piano Tips to Play Color Chord Tones: 6, 7, 9, 10 in RH + LH Ballads Variations & Runs
What you'll learn

harmonize a song with color tones
play 4 tone chord on the right hand
add the 6th color tone to Major chords
add the 7th color tone to Major chords
add the 9th color tone to Major chords
add the 9th color tone to Dominant chords
add the 9th color tone on the Left Hand
add the 10th color tone on the Right Hand
be able to create Quartal open sound easily


Need to know basic chords
Have the basic foundation of Reharmonization Method 1 Level 1


Here is a review from one of my students: Barbara

"I have lost track of how many courses I have taken with Rosa but my playing has improved and I am so excited to keep learning more & more with her. Each course goes deeper into what we need to know and makes playing beautiful music easier. Rosa has the God given gift of being a very gentle teacher. It's fun to learn with her and as you watch the videos it's almost as if she is in the room with you. If it is your goal to enjoy playing the piano let Rosa help you reach that goal. Thanks Rosa, we appreciate you."


Learn Piano Level 2 - Learn Intermediate Music Harmony & 19 Fun Piano Ballads to play like a PRO!

Do you want an easy method to play 4-tone chords without boring drills & practice?

All you need is a little music theory of how to add: 6th, 7th & 9th

Learn my 4T6 Handshape weapon to automatically gives you 4 tones in the RH & LH to do beautiful water sounds.

Are you stuck with boring LH accompaniment? Learn my 10+ Piano Tips on Ballad variations for the 10th color tone.

Is "Quartals" a mystery to you? I have a Bonus Section that will break the secret code for you so that you can start playing Quartal Open Sound immediately!

Here's the Secret: By using a 4T6 Handshape, you can easily put in the 6th, 7th, and 9th color tones. Professional musicians always play Left Hand Ballads beyond an octave to get the 9th and 10th color tones in their accompaniment. That's how you hear the nostalgic mood and the New Age sound just moving the color tones around.


Part 1: Music Theory

1. What are color chords?

2. Adding the 'extra' note to Basic Triad - 4 Tone Chord

3. Upper Chord Extensions - 9, 11, 13

4. 4 Tone Chord - C: C6, CM7, CM9, C6/9

5. 4 Tone Chord - F: F6, FM7, FM9, F6/9

6. 4 Tone Chord - G: G7, G9

7. Do Color Chord Substitutions to Basic Chords: C, F, G

8. Apply Color Chord Substitutions to Away In A Manger

9. 10th Color Tone - Use by Left Hand

Part 2: Piano Techniques

1. Piano Tip 1: Secret Handshape 4T6 - RH Plays 4 tones automatically

2. Piano Tip 2: 4T6 Color Tones moving 1 step or 1/2 step

3. Piano Tip 3: Left Hand plays 10th Color Tone

4. Piano Tip 4: Left Hand plays 1 -5- 10 Open 10th Harmony

5. Piano Tip 5: Left Hand Plays Rocking 10

6. Piano Tip 6: Ballad 9 with Thumb Trick stopping at 9

7. Piano Tip 7: Change the Order of 9th & 10th tone to get New Age Sound

8. Piano Tip 8: Use Walking Thumb to play New Age Sound

9. Piano Tip 9: Create Nostalgic Sound - Finger tricks of L3 + L1 playing 9th & 10th

10. Piano Tip 10: Finger Trick L3 to Cross Over to play color tones

11. Piano Tip 11: Finger Trick L3 to Cross Over 2 Octaves

12. Piano Tip 12: Ascending Arp - Use 2 Movement & Move Entire Hand

13. Piano Tip 13: Ballad Hop Filler - The Magic tones of Repeating 3 + 5

14. Piano Tip 14. Use C6 Color Chord to create water sounds

15. Piano Tip 15: Finger Thumb Trick - On Note E Always

16. Piano Tip 16. Waterfall Run - Both Hands play C6

17. Piano Tip 17: Finger Trick & Eye focus

18. Piano Tip 18: Rosa's Insider Tips to Play Quartals Easily

19. Piano Tip 19: Circle Tip to Understand Quartals

This course concentrates on giving you a variety of creative way to put in color tones with your left hand and right hand. You need to learn some finger tricks to know where to concentrate when you create the beautiful colorful sounds.

Have fun playing Away In A Manger in a creative way sounding like a professional with all those color tones!

Have Fun!



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Learn Piano #2 - Play Piano Color Chords & 19 Ballads

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