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Docker for Node.js Projects From a Docker Captain | Udemy
Docker for Node.js Projects From a Docker Captain | Udemy
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Docker for Node.js Projects From a Docker Captain | Udemy | 9.89 GB

What you?ll learn
Optimize your local development setup for NodeJS in Docker
Operate smoothly in a team of NodeJS developers using Docker and Compose
Improve the speed and reliability of your Node builds and testing using Docker
Get the best NodeJS tweaks to use for dev, test, and prod
Design NodeJS images for use with Kubernetes and Swarm
Learn about security scanning and locking-down your NodeJS apps

Some of the many cool things you?ll do in this course:

Build Node.js Images that auto-scan for security vulnerabilities

Use Docker?s cutting-edge BuildKit with SSH Agents and NPM Caches for better image building

Use docker-compose with Visual Studio Code for full Node.js debug support in Docker

Ensure you?re using all the latest features of Docker Desktop

Use BuildKit and Multi-stage Builds to create minimal and flexible Dockerfiles

Build custom Node.js images using distro?s like CentOS and Alpine

Test Docker init, tini, and Node.js as a PID 1 process in containers

Create Node.js apps that properly startup and respond to healthchecks

Build graceful shutdown code into your apps for zero-downtime deploys

Dig into HTTP connections with orchestration, and how Proxies can help

Study examples of Docker Swarm and Kubernetes deployments for Node.js

Migrate traditional (legacy) Node.js apps into containers

Simplify your microservice solutions with advanced Docker Compose features

?Bret is a naturally born instructor, docker and swarm GURU?Bret gives clear and unbiased recipes for real world scenarios of handling docker files.? ? Marciej Domanski, Udemy student, Docker Mastery course.

?This speaker is powerful!?The speaker instantly gained my excitement and favor which is exactly what I was hoping would happen. This excellent connection makes it easy for me to follow along.? ? Kendra, Udemy student, Docker Mastery course.

Extra things that come with this course:

Access to the course Slack Chat team, for getting help/advice from me and other students.

Weekly YouTube Live Q&A?s where you can ask me questions live.

Bonus videos I put elsewhere like YouTube and share via Udemy announcements.

Tons of reference links to supplement this content.

Updates to content as products change their features on these topics.

What you will learn in this course:

You?ll start with a quick review about getting set up with Docker, as well as Docker Compose basics. That way we?re on the same page for the basics.

Then you?ll jump into Node.js Dockerfile basics, that way you?ll have a good Dockerfile foundation for new features we?ll add throughout the course.

You?ll be building on all the different things you learn from each Lecture in the course. Once you have the basics down of Compose, Dockerfile, and Docker Image, then you?ll focus on nuances like how Docker and Linux control the Node process and how Docker changes that to make sure you know what options there are for starting up and shutting down Node.js and the right way to do it in different scenarios.

We?ll cover advanced, newer features around making the Dockerfile the most efficient and flexible as possible using things like BuildKit and Multi-stage.

Then we?ll talk about distributed computing and cloud design to ensure your Node.js apps have 12-factor design in your containers, as well as learning how to migrate old apps into this new way of doing things.

Next we cover Compose and its awesome features to get really efficient local development and test set-up using the Docker Compose command line and Docker Compose YAML file.

With all this knowledge, you?ll progress to production concerns and making images production-ready.

Then we?ll jump into deploying those containers and running them in production. Whether you use Docker Engine or orchestration with Kubernetes or Swarm, I?ve got you covered. In addition, we?ll cover HTTP connections and reverse proxies for connection handling and routing with multi-container systems.

Lastly, you?ll get a final, big assignment where you?ll be building and deploying a large, complex solution, including multiple Node.js containers that are doing different things. You?ll build Docker images, Dockerfiles, and compose files, and deploy them to a server to test. You?ll need to check whether connections failover properly. You?ll basically take everything you?ve learned and apply it in one big project!

Who this course is for:
NodeJS developers with basic Docker knowledge who want to use the best that containers has to offer
NodeJS build engineers who want to improve their testing setups and CI/CD workflows
New NodeJS developers who want to use Docker with all the best practices for Node
Server operators who want to optimize their deployments and improve the stability of their NodeJS apps
Docker users who want to understand the best and most secure ways to deply and use NodeJS

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